Roseni Torn

Christmas parties

Christmas lunch for 30 people

Package includes:
Use of the room Mon.-Fri. from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (other times on agreement)
A person serving during the event

Cold buffet
Bread roll with dried fruit
Bayer roll or a dark bread roll with seeds
Whipped butter flavoured with smoked bacon
Lightly salt-cured salmon flavoured with maple syrup and whiskey
Salmon pâté with crayfish tails, lime juice and caraway cream
Black bread with spice-cured sprat fillet, boiled quail egg, chopped tomato and onion salad and fresh dill
Pork filled with cherry chutney
Roast beef rolls, radish cream
Ham rolls with flavoured cheese filling
Mini quiche with duck confit and Brie cheese, shallot onion marmalade
Spring rolls with vegetable filling, sweet and sour chilli sauce
Mushroom and egg salad with spring onions, mini toasts
Potato salad with bacon and chive sauce
Home-made pumpkin salad
Warm buffet
Spicy pork in Chipotle glaze, creamy brandy sauce with green pepper
Small blood sausages fried with bacon, gooseberry jam
Oven-baked potatoes with fresh rosemary
Creamy sauerkraut seasoned with vodka
Chocolate and Orange Temptation
(chocolate sponge cake, orange juice and jam, chilli flavoured whipped cream and mascarpone frosting)
Glögg (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
Veo Grande Sauvignon Blanc 3 bottles
Veo Grande Cabernet Syrah Reserve 3 bottles
Squash 6 litres
Iced water